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Hauling Winch



Hydraulic hauling winches TP series (Planetary gear) and TR series (worm wheel gear) are intended to equip 4x4 vehicle requiring towing or rescue function: civilian and military vehicles, carrier trailers, Feller Buncher and Forwarders, public works, etc ... These winches are available from 3.5 T to 30T.


Winches equipped with planetary gear in oil bath for better performance and a compact design easily integrated into receiving machines. Mechanical or failsafe multidisc brake. Load controlled in inclined plane with counterbalance valve flanged to the motor. Manual clutch.


Winches equipped with worm wheel gear to ensure strength and durability. Brake and load control by irreversible reduction of worm wheel brake. Wide drum capacity with manual clutch.


We can also meet your needs with electric winches 12 or 24V for any type of application (Utilities, Leisure ...). These winches are available from up to 11T.


Wide drum capacity Roller fairlead Level winder - band brake Fast motor speed - 2 speed motor - 2 speed gearbox - Pneumatic clutch - Hydraulic clutch - Radio remote control - All types of wires and hauling accessories.

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